Answer: The catnip plant has oil by the name of”nepetalactone” in it. When nepetalactone hit the olfactory receptors – er – the scent hits their noses, the oil stimulates receptors that sense chemicals called “pheromones.” This causes a chemical reaction which gives a feline a feeling of euphoria or overwhelming glee. In other words… They […]

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Creating such a magnificent landscape like this one employed a deep and creative thinking from start to its colorful results. The combination of plants, foliage and flowers are so pretty. I can sit on that bench all day to appreciate my sorroundings.

Lord Toby enjoys looking at the garden where wildlife like birds, butterflies and bees enjoy; including neighbours Charlie and Parker who wander around frequently.

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Cats are always fun to watch their sophistication and naughtiness… yet loving and playful companions. I don’t have a cat but friends and families do and I share their joys when I visit with them.

Lord Toby’s Conversation page is lovely and enjoyable to read through … handsome and intelligent chap too..

Some favorites among many escapades of Lord Toby in his Castle.

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Our Summer Garden has been entertaining us including our visitors, friends and neighbors. It is a joy to see the results of hardworks of gardening earlier on. We are only in the middle of Summer. Can’t wait to see what the Fall Season Garden will look like 🙂

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Two handsome cats …

It was warm and sunny afternoon when Lord Toby spotted from his window, a visiting neighbour who was wandering in his Castle’s garden. They got introduced with each other 🙂 Since then Charlie has been a frequent visitor in the garden at Lord Toby’s Castle.

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I love colorful gardens …

Upcycling is something we do without even thinking about it here at I Breathe I DIY. We had this old hanging plant pot out in the shed that wasn’t being used. It ended up in the shed because there’s nothing special about it and it’s black. Black is usually a go-to color for us, but […] […]

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It is Summer indeed! And it is wonderful to have it and enjoy while it lasts.

Been a very hectic Summer from our end … just didn’t have the bandwidth to post some updates. However, today we’re able to find time in uploading some of the Summer photo sessions of our handsome Lord Toby, the Baron of Kelso. Please enjoy … and wishing you more fun during the rest of the […]

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Beautiful garden, indeed!

We have transformed our garden of which we are now enjoying their beautiful combination of colours; created to grace us with various blooms throughout four seasons. Indeed, a fulfilling and enjoyable landscape; that we have created. Yet, other transformations are in progress. For now, the Spring flowers are entertaining us with their magnificence. These flowers […]

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Raw Spicy Thai Green Papaya Salad — — glimpsebyturre

This incredible salad is the last of the amazing dishes that I discovered during my stay at the Amatara Wellness Resort in Thailand! It takes just a few moments to throw together and is an iconic dish from this beautiful country. The salad itself contains an abundance of ingredients that pack a healthy punch, and […]

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The Choice of a Healthy Meal is the ‘Salade niçoise’ — Scotland&Me

“Healthy meal is always the best … it saves you from visiting a physician! 😦

I love the page of this site as it illustrates their adventures of cooking different international cuisines – check it out if you have not seen it – eating-healthy-adventures-with-food/ 

As we continue our adventures in Scotland, we browsed our eMJ’s Favourites Binder and noticed our ‘Salade niçoise’ Recipe. We decided to re-create this Recipe based on available materials in Kelso. Successfully, we found all the ingredients that we need. Most are locally grown and others from Spain, Greece, France, et al. We love foods […]

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Happy St Patrick’s Day — History of Sorts

The history of St Patrick, , is a bit sketchy, the exact date of birth is not known .Similarly, the place where St Patrick was born cannot be confirmed. Suffice to say there is a broad agreement that he was active as a missionary in Ireland during the second half of the 5th century.And he is regarded as the […]

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Lord Toby Enjoys Watching the Snow: “It is snowing lots and Glasgow Area is on Red Alert and NOT the Whole of Scotland” — Scotland&Me

It is always fun to see cat’s prowess in demanding what he likes … Lord Toby is lovely … very good communicator …

The view of today’s snowy moments … Of course, the media loves sensationalising of the entire Scotland under ‘Red Warning’ instead of factually and responsibly write or report only the affected areas.

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Agreed: Mediterranean Foods Are Healthy

Our home enjoys serving Mediterranean foods because they are healthy and delicious! That is the manifested testament why we don’t have any health issuess as of this time, our GPs were impressed always when we do our annual visit. Hubby and I have pretty much always followed the Mediterranean diet since we’ve been in Italy. […]

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“Life-changing experiences in 2018 may continue for many people” – Changes in 2018 May Either Open Possibilities of Growth or Become Detrimental to Goals — MyInfluencersCircle

What to do best: Evaluate all your options and think through possibilities of impacts into your personal and professional goals Create your realistic strategies that are either long or short term to achieve your objectives Do Not procrastinate! Make actions at the soonest possible time Re-evaluate your progress and time line at any time to […]

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Preserve One’s Health By Eating Healthy Foods Along with Exercise

This is indeed a very nice article to be shared to anyone. It is not a matter of having a ‘high blood pressure’ but most importantly, eating healthier foods. Perhaps, will learn to eat Quinoa and Kiwi too … 🙂 The benefits of eating more balanced diet will give everyone the best lifestyle in the […]

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Pets like Lord Toby are truly great company especially when they are happy …

When Lord Toby has completed his morning routines of watching friends who were passing by, playing and bird-watching; he will enjoy snoozing at his most recently found location at the end of our sofa.

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Gardening is always fun and a healthy activity

The weather has been very nice in the last three days after the scattered few days of snow flurries. In the next month, it is projected that the weather will change into a dramatic early Spring that will be warmer. My gardening tools from the garage were out; made sure that my shears were sharp […]

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Scotland&Me is a great WordPress Site — IdeasN

Indeed, I subscribed to it because I liked their content. Superb!

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KFC Chicken Salad: The New Creation That Becomes A Favorite Recipe

Wow! I love this type of salad, well balanced dressing of Chinese Chicken Salad is always the best.

Wouldn’t mind tasting this new recipe KFC Chicken Salad…

@_1024 KFCCSalad

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Invest in Eating Healthy Foods: Celery is Very Healthy … — IdeasN

Today, being healthy is a Prize of a Lifetime. However, to become healthy you need to be meticulous about foods that you are eating.  As the image says: Invest in Eating Healthy – there are so many foods that will lead your body into destruction.

Eating healthy foods are the best options … just be yourself and ignore the advertised rubbish for the benefit of your greater health. Originally posted on WekeBuzz: via WekeBuzz via What Happens When You Eat Celery Every Day For A Week | Benefits Of Celery. — cancer killing recipe via Celery is Very Healthy … — […]

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You Must Be A Moron If You Don’t Consider People As Best Assets of Any Economy …

I totally agree with this message, that the people are the best when anyone invest in them. Results of people cannot be replaced by mechanical robots or machines because they think well and strategically and not only following an automatically programmed commands. More people power will advance all economies … This article caught my attention […]

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Kelso Wonderland Is Today’s Fascination of Lord Toby — Scotland&Me

It is always a refreshing look after the fall of the snow.  An incredible sight of nature that is magical.



Lord Toby was fascinated when the snow started coming down yesterday afternoon … Approx 6 inches of snow have fallen around us overnight. Sharing you some of our beautiful sights of the snow around us today. Lord Toby, the Baron of Kelso enjoys sitting on his favorite window admiring the beautiful ‘Kelso Wonderland’ that filled […]

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Yeap! Emotions Speak Well During Conversations

Oftentimes, when we have a four-legged family member(s) we speak to them. We facilitate a conversation or they will come to us and initiate their conversation whether they are telling us their needs like food, water, or do some of their playful routines. Our family member, Lord Toby – the Baron of Kelso is very […]

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An Icon That Manifest the Past: Monastic Cathedral in 995: — Scotland&Me

We recently had an adventure as a break from our unpacking and organization of the household goods in the house. Decided to go southward to see the over a thousand years old cathedral that was originally built by monks in the year 995. Indeed a magnificent period icon with its architectural structure both externally and […]

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Leisures and Relaxations Can Make Us All Happier Like Lord Toby

In 2018, Lord Toby’s Leisure is obviously ‘sleeping’ … He enjoys relaxing with the camera as well … “Life is beautiful my friends”

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Niceties Complement The Cross-Culture Experience

When you understand quality, distinction and civilized manners of living then you will appreciate the niceties of Scotland and the rest of the EU. In Scotland, the niceties of life are not far from you. When you go into bake shops, grocers, restaurants, coffee shops or just go shopping around the malls – you will […]

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Relaxing Moments During the Holidays Are Wonderful

There is no better place to relax than in your own home. It is fantastic to note that Lord Toby was adjusting quickly into his new castle in Scotland. He enjoys his daily routine from morning breakfast to his bed time at night. We are delighted indeed of his adaptability in our new home.

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Belated Christmas Greetings to All

“Let us share Love, Peace and Joy to Everyone and all of us will experience the Spirit of Christmas” As the Year 2017 is on its way out, we like to give our sincerest Thank You and Merry Christmas to Everyone who gave us their love, support and care during this year of 2017. Our […]

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What A Journey, Within Nine Weeks

Wow! is all I can say on this … 420 items of Lord Toby’s HHGs Travelled to 7 countries, 12 ports and within 9 weeks



Britannia Movers International has finally confirmed two days ago that the container of the  Household Goods of Lord Toby and family has arrived and been cleared at Customs in the Port of Grangemouth, Scotland. It will now be readied for its delivery date.

Indeed this was a very fascinating journey of four hundred and twenty items (420 items) that were loaded in a container over two months ago.

Here is the perspective of the voyage;


On December 4th, we will welcome the arrival of the container at the facilities of Doree Bonner International for its seal-removal and owner’s verification of contents. From there, the items will be readied for delivery and handling.

The scheduled deliver to the new Castle of Lord Toby in Kelso, Scotland on the 20th of December. We are looking forward to be reunited with our family’s household items that we enjoy using. We missed their comforts. It…

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Incredible! Indeed an Exciting Moments

Today, it was an incredible feeling to witness the arrival of the container of our Household Goods that was brought to the facilities of Doree Bonner International located at Prestonfields Park, Edinburgh, Scotland. The goods will be readied for delivery at our home location per schedule on December 20 and 21, 2017. The arrival photos […]

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These Are Magnificent: Flock of Sheep on Scotland’s Rolling Hills and Farms — ScotlandandMe2by

These are familiar sceneries along the A Roads that will go to Edinburgh, Scotland or going to another town or village within the Scottish Borders Towns and around Kelso, Scotland.

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The Foliage During Fall Season Is One Among My Favorite Sceneries

“The spectacular natural beauty of the trees and their Fall colours make you smile and appreciate your environment when you pass through under their canopies or their panels. You see them as you travel through A and B roads across borders towns around Kelso, Scotland.”

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I Have Every Reason To Play with the Birds Like Lord Toby: the Birds at Mungo’s Well Cottage — ScotlandandMe2by

Lord Toby enjoys watching these birds daily. These beautiful birds play on the trees and shrubs around the Mungo’s Well Cottage while Lord Toby, The Baron of Kelso watched them …

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A Beautiful Place on Earth: Kelso, Scotland – Our New Hometown in UK — ScotlandandMe2by

This is an exceptional great looking place on earth. I can move to Scotland and enjoy these amenities of the environment. Great insights and thanks for sharing your experience. More Power and happy living there in KelsoScotland.

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sounds like yummy!

Raw Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake Bars These raw, vegan, paleo blueberry cheesecake bars are absolutely delicious. Made without grains or refined sugar. For the crust: 1 cup pitted medjool dates 1 cup raw almonds 1/2 cup shredded coconut For the blueberry layer: 1 1/2 cup raw cashews 1/2 cup coconut cream 1/2 cup fresh blueberries…

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