Sceneries, People and the Amenities

All Rights Reserve - ©2013terrjaiye
All Rights Reserved – ©2013terrjaiye

Bellingham is a city that offers many amenities to various types of individuals, couples and families. It is a sound destination of those who like to enjoy living in a well balanced life-style with lower stress and pressures. Things that you enjoy outdoors unlike in a city life.

I enjoy the many panoramas of Bellingham, friendly people, and yes the people who work in many businesses in Bellingham knows how to execute real Customer Service deeds with a smile. People in other cities and states must come and learn those traits of a lifetime from Bellingham.

There is nothing boring about Bellingham ~


6 thoughts on “Sceneries, People and the Amenities

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    When you value people, enjoy their company, love working with them with gratitude. Indeed, Bellingham is the place where you can live forever.

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    Working with people, understanding their emotions, and interact with them civilly and with common sense will facilitate peace, understanding and love with one another!

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