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Solving Organizational Needs Internationally with Limited Experience

For many inexperienced HR people, they must learn from this approach if they do not like to look like an ignorant. Oftentimes they are!


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

[NOTE: This article was Editor’s Choice in Education Section of the Expatriate Executive Daily News, London, United Kingdom, dated September 20, 2013; It was featured as well by the Editor of Nexus Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, dated September 27, 2013]

2014 strategic solutions for intl businesses

Cherrie, the HR Manager of Global Company received a communication from her VP of Administration that three of her recently hired engineers will be sent to three different countries because their technical expertise will be needed in those locations.  James will to go Netherlands, Suzy will go to India and Pattie will go to USA.

While Lucille has been in her job for 2 years now, she never had a chance to deal with any outgoing professionals particularly to these countries.  She asked her co-worker Susan, HR Specialist who has been with the organization over 5 years  if she has any knowledge of doing any of this,. Unfortunately, Susan…

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Rated G Radio’s Featuring Guests – ReloNavigator Principals – Wed, Sept 18, 2013

Will be listening!


Check this on Facebook Page of ReloNavigator – 

Join and tune in at the Rated G Radio and listen to Garrett Miller, Host and Radio Personality, Song Writer, Singer, Animal Lover, Heartthrob and Sex Symbol,  who will be featuring  as Guests the Principals of ReloNavigator. It will be fun and entertaining to listen of their discussions about issues, business, opportunities and insights. You can tune in from anywhere that will allow an internet accessible device – everyone is welcome.

Garrett Miller’s BlogTalkRadio is at, He can also be reach via twitter

If you are in Facebook, you can also tune in from there at

A link to the actual radio show portal will be available here so check back later, or bookmark this article and then call in or participate during the Questions and Answer portion.   If you like to get notified with the link…

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Meeting New Friends at ReloNavigator’s Meet & Greet Event – Join Us!

Will be a Great opportunity of meeting others, thanks for hosting the Event, ReloNavigator!