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Happy Halloween to All who will be Celebrating the fun!

Happy Halloween to All!


US B1 Business Temporary Visa Abused by Infosys Leading to $35 Million Fines

It should not only be fined, All people who were involved in this type of wrong doing must go to jail.

Don’t Lose Investments – Be Strategic for Long Term US Investing with Positive Results

It’s only through strategic mindset and learning the basics ahead of time that you become successful when investing in the United States. This session will be a phenomenal learning opportunity for those who thinks they like to advanced their investing competency in the US.

ReloNavigator solves your international challenges

Why people go and waste their time and money looking for someone who cares about them and their needs for relocation to another country, while ReloNavigator is available through their telephone +1 (360) 312-4300 or visit their website –

Am glad to have experienced their high quality services.

Why Working Internationally Changes Your Perspectives About Work Forever

The opportunity to listen and learn from experienced professional like Mr. Terrenal, is something that will live in your memory especially when you will be using his insights at your work, wherever you will be in the near future. Have met some of his prior Mentees and students in other universities and they all validated his professional competency. The attendees of his session will be privileged to learn his strategic techniques and expertise.