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Leadership Strategies that will Overcome the Challenges of Cross-border Businesses: The Seminar for Employers, Entrepreneurs and Various Types of Businesses

Updates: This seminar has been closed and full!

An opportunity that comes across the US Border, a seminar of its kind that never happened before. It’s time to experience better and strategic focused leadership and management strategies that help every business owners and employers navigate their challenges that relate to cross-border business, hiring of people and making sure that they are on top of effectiveness.

ROI will be a great reward when results will come into play after learning important techniques that solve issues.

2014 Managing Cross-border business


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

As a business leader running a business across the borders of the  United States and Canada, there are many things that puzzles you. Oftentimes, the hurdles will manifest themselves during the course of your operation;  after registering a business entity in the State of Washington; or when you begin hiring individuals who will work for you.  You thought you have figured all out and save yourself a lot of money? Seems like you are just starting!

“This is Your Strategic Option”

Attend and participate in the seminar that will be hosted by ReloNavigator. The experts will tell you many useful strategies that will simplify or eliminate your worries. Their internationally experienced business leaders will conduct  the seminar and each topic will tell you realistic options, techniques that will overcome your issues and long term strategies that will result to high returns…

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Conducting Cross Border Business Ain’t Easy: A Seminar Focused to Entrepreneurs, Small Enterprises & Employers

Indeed, not easy but if you learn your best options from the right professionals like ReloNavigator, then you will have the best opportunities ahead of you.


This is an opportunity to learn many things that one cannot find the answers except when speaking with the right experienced professionals in the industry.  Our business leaders will bring you the information that you seek at other locations further than Bellingham and Blaine.

You don’t need to drive or fly over two hours to obtain appropriate industry updates.  Keep this in your calendar and then register to attend.

2014 Seminar Announcement

Sponsorship Information – Bring your quality expertise to our audience. Partnering with us through your sponsorship will advance growth professionally.

Other Information – We would like to hear about  your concern or question that you would like to be answered, please send us an email to:

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Nancy Sherman, Editor at Paper.Li, Featured ReloNavigator’s Cross Border Seminar for Entrepreneurs, etc.

ReloNavigator’s Seminar is being talked about across the world wide web such is in the platform of Paper.Li — this is great!


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

In March 1, 2014 Issue of Small bizjunkie’s News and Notes, the Editor, Nancy Sherman @NancySSBI, has featured ReloNavigator’s Cross Border Seminar under the Education Section – Conducting Cross Border Business Ain’t Easy: A Seminar Focused to Entrepreneurs, Small Enterprises & Employers; and under #Business Column the link of Cross Border Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Employers – A Seminar that cannot be ignored

Feature Relo Nancy SBBI PaperLi 14Mar1

ReloNavigator is extending its appreciation to Nancy Sherman, Editor for featuring our Seminar at her Smallbizjunkie’s News and Notes in Paper.Li More Power to Nancy and her publication. We value your special considerations to our business goals.

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Showcase Your Expertise and Services: Become An Event Sponsor at ReloNavigator’s Events in FY 2014

I recommend this as an action plan to all service providers. This sponsorship is an opportunity of bring your services in front of leaders and decision makers.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Business Leaders learn about your quality expertise and services when you partner with educational events that are conducted by industry leaders.

ReloNavigator’s Events are results-driven, strategic and will increase competency of any attendee. Events curricula are being applied with ‘certification credits’ with various industry certification bodies so that the time spent in attending will add value to your professional development. However, ReloNavigator will not guarantee at this time whether certification credit applications will get granted. An update will be provided prior to each event.

The entire team of ReloNavigator will look forward to welcoming you in any of the following events. April 23, 2014 is around the corner, please reserve your seat immediately.

2014 Events Schedule

2014 Sponsorship Opps

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‘theneeds’ Featured the Tweet by @ReloNavigator “Is Leadership Equates to Strategic Effectiveness?”

Great Tweet, as if caught the attention of others.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

In March 4, 2014,  “theneeds” a San Francisco-based social media organization picked the tweet of @ReloNavigator as a featured feed at the discussion board of Business and Leadership.

Credit: theneeds

Credit: theneeds

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Giving Back to the Community: ReloNavigator’s Founder Participate in YMCA 2014 Program

It is always nice to see responsible people to share some of their time in giving back to the community. More Power!


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

ReloNavigator will be involved in the 2014 Annual Community Support Campaign Program; where Juntee Terrenal, our Founder will team up with Tom Allen, Blackburn Office Equipment, a YMCA Leader; giving back some of their time to the community by supporting the annual community support drive.

Together we can share in supporting and building our communities through Whatcom Family YMCA.

Credits: ReloNavigator, Whatcom Family YMCA Credits: ReloNavigator, Whatcom Family YMCA

Credit: Whatcom YMCA Credit: Whatcom  Family YMCA

Credit: Whatcom YMCA Credit: Whatcom Family YMCA

Credit: Whatcom Family YMCA Credit: Whatcom Family YMCA

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Entrepreneurs, Small Enterprises and Employers: Overcoming Cross-border Challenges – A Seminar By Your Alternative Resource

Leadership is always an opportunity of leading others. However, continuous learning and abreast to the most current information such as the topics of ReloNavigator will always make leaders become more relevant. More Power to ReloNavigator’s Seminars.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Leaders of organizations will be privileged to learn from other industry leaders whose experiences have benefited numerous other organizations that are operating internationally and across borders. This seminar will be focusing on the many circumstances that exist when conducting cross-border business.

Our industry experts will discuss many strategic insights that will make you become more knowledgeable; gain competency; become compliant to various regulations on both sides of the borders (Canada and USA and others) and can avoid delays, headaches and costly remediation along the way.

ReloNavigator is your alternative resource to the ones that currently exist around you. Their strategic services will benefit anyone who is looking for relevant information to one’s circumstances. Each of the Business Practice Leaders of ReloNavigator listens to your business and personal needs and then use their acumen to translate your issues into success; has 20 years…

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