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Interpretations are Ideological Results Influenced by Emotions

Every individual interprets something based on their perspectives, experiences and viewpoint culturally and as a person.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist


2014 creates peaceful settings

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Give them the Distinction as People and Leaders with Critical and Strategic Thinking

Individuals that respect and acknowledge talents and creativity of others are people who can demonstrate people management potentials and skills. Others who don’t will never be a great people manager or executive.


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic Business Practice Leader & Senior Consultant

A collaborative effort between management and HR department is essential in order to move forward in meeting the demands of current workforce environment. When all institutions regardless of their specialty will synchronize and develop similar vision; create the strategic competency among professionals, we will have lesser disputes, disagreements, disgruntled individuals due to perceived treatments. We also eliminate many bad HRs and management business practices within organizations because we have educated organizational leaders and employees. Let’s create responsible people who are real Leaders. Give them the distinction as people with critical and strategic thinking, relevant in today’s challenging and evolving environments.

global competency

I have known and met Susan many times when she was the CEO of SHRM and I was an active Regional Membership Leader. She is one of those HR Leaders who can relate to the expectations of many businesses. She…

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Oh Dear! Just interviewed a foreign national for my opened position, he needs an employment visa!

Anyone who likes to work in the United States must have an employment visa in order to be legitimately employed. ReloNavigator can assist individuals and employers who wish to hire foreign nationals. They are experienced in this business.


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic Business Practice Leader & Senior Consultant

You just interviewed someone whom you thought qualify to your opened position. Only to find out the candidate is a foreign national needing employment visa.

Employment-based Visas

When employers that are growing faster than they have anticipated, where the pool of Americans that can perform the job are limited,  these organizations cannot ignore of considering highly talented and skilled technologist from other countries.

Internationally educated individuals can be hired through available employment-based visas. This is however, dependent on the types, technical responsibilities of the position and employer’s competency to comply with emloyment-based visa requirements in alignment with various laws in  immigration, labor, employment, tax, trade, export and other regulations that may affect the employment.

ReloNavigator assists in determining the right employment visa for your prospective new hire, or assists any employer that may need to expand and advancing their organization by employing…

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