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Summer is always the best moments for us in our family … Happy Summer to Everyone as well. Been a very hectic Summer from our end … just didn’t have the bandwidth to post some updates. However, today we’re able to find time in uploading some of the Summer photo sessions of our handsome Lord […]

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Creating such a magnificent landscape like this one employed a deep and creative thinking from start to its colorful results. The combination of plants, foliage and flowers are so pretty. I can sit on that bench all day to appreciate my sorroundings. Lord Toby enjoys looking at the garden where wildlife like birds, butterflies and […] […]

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If Tiger swallowtails are a bit scarce in this year’s garden, hummingbirds are not, though typically only one is seen at a time, so taking a count is difficult. A tropical Firecracker plant (Cuphea) in a pot on the deck just outside the kitchen window is a hummingbird magnet, but I often see hummingbirds on […] […]

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It is rainy day and a bit windy as well today. After much consideration of the moments; Lord Toby have decided that it would be best for His Majesty to purr on his daily-favorite chair in his catio gallery. To view more of Lord Toby’s fun activities, please visit the link of His Majesty’s Conversations Page. […]

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As we are about to enter the Autumn Season, most of us gardeners have been keeping our fingers green for the season. Here is our newly arranged focal point for our Fall Season festivities and gardening. Layering technique makes this beautiful arrangement complement the upcoming season. Had to be mindful to dramatise the complementary colours, […]

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Eating Healthy Yellow The illustrated foods below are very cheap to buy and they will keep ones body healthy. You don’t need to be a Millionaire to afford them. So the question remains … why so many people have poor health and dependent on medications under capitalistic incognitos! People often believe that failing eyesight is […]

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