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International Strategic Cross-border Seminar for Business Owners, Employers, Entrepreneurs and those who are Managing People

Have invited friends to participate in this seminar. More Power to ReloNavigator.


14June4 Seminar Invitation_Blaine

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Relevance of a Good Client; What Makes Sense! Results to Strategic Success – Discussed at Connections by Juntee Terrenal

More Power to Juntee Terrenal and his organization.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

The Connections Group of business owners and their representatives; based in Bellingham, WA met on May 1, 2014 for their regular weekly meeting.  Juntee Terrenal, the Founder & Principal of ReloNavigator offered his insights about the “Relevance of a Good Client – What makes sense!, Results to Strategic Success”

Connections Speaking Relevance of Good Client

As an industry experienced professional, Juntee shared his perspectives that a good client must have the ability to pay the price of expected output with quality and efficiency. Additionally, a great client is someone that will appreciate your value to their organization. It is a fact, that when clients like effective, strategically positioned results with R.O.I. (Return On Investments), there is a value that equates to certain level of results.

At ReloNavigator, our clients understand the value of our services because at the very outset of relationship, they understand the scope, strategies…

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Overcome the Challenges when Conducting Business, Expanding, & Hiring Across Borders

New set of Seminar where learning of great information is available for June 4, 2014. Don’t Miss it.


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

You are being invited to join us in our June 4th Seminar!

Our topics will give you current industry strategies, relevant business practices and useful competency that will enhance your cross-border business to become more successful.

We like to hear about your questions for our  international Panel of Speakers. Send it to us via the email below.

2014 June Seminar Credits: Ferndale Chamber of Commerce, Bellingham Tourism, Mt. Baker SHRM, Conections, Technology Alliance Group, ReloNavigator

ReloNavigator’s  Seminar  is Limited Seating Only. You are encouraged to reserve “your seat” immediately to not miss this event.

On-site Registration is Not Allowed.

You don’t need to travel over two hours to gain knowledge and expertise. We bring them to the proximity of your location.

Registered attendees will receive a complimentary reference hand-outs for business use after the seminar. Our Speakers are internationally experienced, business professionals and experts in their specialty, a…

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Leadership Strategies that will Overcome the Challenges of Cross-border Businesses: The Seminar for Employers, Entrepreneurs and Various Types of Businesses

Updates: This seminar has been closed and full!

An opportunity that comes across the US Border, a seminar of its kind that never happened before. It’s time to experience better and strategic focused leadership and management strategies that help every business owners and employers navigate their challenges that relate to cross-border business, hiring of people and making sure that they are on top of effectiveness.

ROI will be a great reward when results will come into play after learning important techniques that solve issues.

2014 Managing Cross-border business


By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

As a business leader running a business across the borders of the  United States and Canada, there are many things that puzzles you. Oftentimes, the hurdles will manifest themselves during the course of your operation;  after registering a business entity in the State of Washington; or when you begin hiring individuals who will work for you.  You thought you have figured all out and save yourself a lot of money? Seems like you are just starting!

“This is Your Strategic Option”

Attend and participate in the seminar that will be hosted by ReloNavigator. The experts will tell you many useful strategies that will simplify or eliminate your worries. Their internationally experienced business leaders will conduct  the seminar and each topic will tell you realistic options, techniques that will overcome your issues and long term strategies that will result to high returns…

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‘Three Amigos’ summit expected to focus on trade, Mexico visa dispute, Keystone XL

TN – NAFTA Professionals have opportunities in the United States however, they need to understand what are their benefits before applying .. as this is only a short term employment visa that is renewable annually , however indefinitely. Provided no crimes were committed that will jeopardize the employment authorization in the USA.

OTTAWA — When Prime Minister Stephen Harper lands in Mexico next week, he will likely smile broadly and appear chummy as he meets with his North American counterparts: U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

But relations between Canada and two of its key trading partners are more complicated than the handshake photographs will show. There is the ongoing saga of the Keystone XL pipeline project that has frustrated Harper, and an ongoing visa dispute with Mexico that has angered the Mexican government.

Those issues, alongside trade negotiations with other countries, will all be raised at the so-called Three Amigos summit that officially takes place Wednesday in Toluca, Mexico,  Pena Nieto’s hometown. Before the summit, Harper will spend two days in Mexico City on an official visit, meeting with members of Pena Nieto’s cabinet.

Going into the trip, there was general expectation that Harper would take the…

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2014 H1B visa

H-1B Visa and the Hiring of Technical Specialty in the Workforce – The Season is Coming Up

Technically savvy professionals are somehow great hires by technology focused organizations in the United States and other countries, regardless of industry. Great Article.


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic Business Practice Leader & Senior Consultant

Every time this season comes, our hiring lenses is focused on Specialty Occupation Employment Visa for individuals who are technology savvy. However, we always wonder who decided in the past about the H-1B-cap; its relevance to the business and technical competency need, along with its return on investments to the petitioning organizations across the United Sates. We know fully well that this employment visa creates an opportunity to professionals with technical competency.

2014 H1B visa

When the month of March arrives many employers across industries will be turning their attention to the H-1B competition. For those that are strategically positioning technical recruits, possible new hires from other technology environment, they are now approaching the preparation of paper works and layers of documentation that will support their petition.

There are thousands of professionals with bachelor degree and advance degree that will be queuing-up…

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2014 MtBakerSHRM Sponsorship

ReloNavigator Sponsors HR Professional Development of Mt. Baker SHRM Membership

Great opportunities to all parties!


2014 MtBakerSHRM Sponsorship Mt. Baker SHRM , the local Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management based in Bellingham, Washington approved the 2014 Sponsorship of ReloNavigator for the professional development of its membership beginning May 2014.

Recently, ReloNavigator’s Business Practice Leaders; Mr. Juntee Terrenal, GMS and Ms. Kathleen Lord-Black, JD attended the February Luncheon of the association.

“The Board Members and Membership of the Mt. Baker SHRM were very professional; were demonstrating the unique welcoming values of the people of Bellingham. We look forward to be working with the Board and its Membership collaboratively this year and beyond to facilitate and support continuity of learning in the profession” said J. Terrenal, Founder & Principal of ReloNavigator.

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