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Agreed: Mediterranean Foods Are Healthy

Our home enjoys serving Mediterranean foods because they are healthy and delicious! That is the manifested testament why we don’t have any health issuess as of this time, our GPs were impressed always when we do our annual visit. Hubby and I have pretty much always followed the Mediterranean diet since we’ve been in Italy. […]

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Very Encouraging Thoughts and Experiences on “Joys of Living”

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Preserve One’s Health By Eating Healthy Foods Along with Exercise

This is indeed a very nice article to be shared to anyone. It is not a matter of having a ‘high blood pressure’ but most importantly, eating healthier foods. Perhaps, will learn to eat Quinoa and Kiwi too … 🙂 The benefits of eating more balanced diet will give everyone the best lifestyle in the […]

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KFC Chicken Salad: The New Creation That Becomes A Favorite Recipe

Wow! I love this type of salad, well balanced dressing of Chinese Chicken Salad is always the best.

Wouldn’t mind tasting this new recipe KFC Chicken Salad…

@_1024 KFCCSalad

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Invest in Eating Healthy Foods: Celery is Very Healthy … — IdeasN

Today, being healthy is a Prize of a Lifetime. However, to become healthy you need to be meticulous about foods that you are eating.  As the image says: Invest in Eating Healthy – there are so many foods that will lead your body into destruction.

Eating healthy foods are the best options … just be yourself and ignore the advertised rubbish for the benefit of your greater health. Originally posted on WekeBuzz: via WekeBuzz via What Happens When You Eat Celery Every Day For A Week | Benefits Of Celery. — cancer killing recipe via Celery is Very Healthy … — […]

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Niceties Complement The Cross-Culture Experience

When you understand quality, distinction and civilized manners of living then you will appreciate the niceties of Scotland and the rest of the EU. In Scotland, the niceties of life are not far from you. When you go into bake shops, grocers, restaurants, coffee shops or just go shopping around the malls – you will […]

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