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Cannot miss to share this to all … cheer!

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Creating such a magnificent landscape like this one employed a deep and creative thinking from start to its colorful results. The combination of plants, foliage and flowers are so pretty. I can sit on that bench all day to appreciate my sorroundings.

Lord Toby enjoys looking at the garden where wildlife like birds, butterflies and bees enjoy; including neighbours Charlie and Parker who wander around frequently.

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Our Summer Garden has been entertaining us including our visitors, friends and neighbors. It is a joy to see the results of hardworks of gardening earlier on. We are only in the middle of Summer. Can’t wait to see what the Fall Season Garden will look like 🙂

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It is Summer indeed! And it is wonderful to have it and enjoy while it lasts.

Been a very hectic Summer from our end … just didn’t have the bandwidth to post some updates. However, today we’re able to find time in uploading some of the Summer photo sessions of our handsome Lord Toby, the Baron of Kelso. Please enjoy … and wishing you more fun during the rest of the […]

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Beautiful garden, indeed!

We have transformed our garden of which we are now enjoying their beautiful combination of colours; created to grace us with various blooms throughout four seasons. Indeed, a fulfilling and enjoyable landscape; that we have created. Yet, other transformations are in progress. For now, the Spring flowers are entertaining us with their magnificence. These flowers […]

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