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Gardening is indeed a great leisure

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Very Encouraging Thoughts and Experiences on “Joys of Living”

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Gardening is always fun and a healthy activity

The weather has been very nice in the last three days after the scattered few days of snow flurries. In the next month, it is projected that the weather will change into a dramatic early Spring that will be warmer. My gardening tools from the garage were out; made sure that my shears were sharp […]

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Kelso Wonderland Is Today’s Fascination of Lord Toby — Scotland&Me

It is always a refreshing look after the fall of the snow.  An incredible sight of nature that is magical.



Lord Toby was fascinated when the snow started coming down yesterday afternoon … Approx 6 inches of snow have fallen around us overnight. Sharing you some of our beautiful sights of the snow around us today. Lord Toby, the Baron of Kelso enjoys sitting on his favorite window admiring the beautiful ‘Kelso Wonderland’ that filled […]

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An Icon That Manifest the Past: Monastic Cathedral in 995: — Scotland&Me

We recently had an adventure as a break from our unpacking and organization of the household goods in the house. Decided to go southward to see the over a thousand years old cathedral that was originally built by monks in the year 995. Indeed a magnificent period icon with its architectural structure both externally and […]

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