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Scotland&Me is a great WordPress Site — IdeasN

Indeed, I subscribed to it because I liked their content. Superb!

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via Scotland&Me is a great WordPress Site — IdeasN


You Must Be A Moron If You Don’t Consider People As Best Assets of Any Economy …

I totally agree with this message, that the people are the best when anyone invest in them. Results of people cannot be replaced by mechanical robots or machines because they think well and strategically and not only following an automatically programmed commands. More people power will advance all economies … This article caught my attention […]

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Kelso Wonderland Is Today’s Fascination of Lord Toby — Scotland&Me

It is always a refreshing look after the fall of the snow.  An incredible sight of nature that is magical.



Lord Toby was fascinated when the snow started coming down yesterday afternoon … Approx 6 inches of snow have fallen around us overnight. Sharing you some of our beautiful sights of the snow around us today. Lord Toby, the Baron of Kelso enjoys sitting on his favorite window admiring the beautiful ‘Kelso Wonderland’ that filled […]

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Yeap! Emotions Speak Well During Conversations

Oftentimes, when we have a four-legged family member(s) we speak to them. We facilitate a conversation or they will come to us and initiate their conversation whether they are telling us their needs like food, water, or do some of their playful routines. Our family member, Lord Toby – the Baron of Kelso is very […]

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Niceties Complement The Cross-Culture Experience

When you understand quality, distinction and civilized manners of living then you will appreciate the niceties of Scotland and the rest of the EU. In Scotland, the niceties of life are not far from you. When you go into bake shops, grocers, restaurants, coffee shops or just go shopping around the malls – you will […]

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Enjoy the Freshness of Gluten Free Cocktail “Juicy Grannee” During Summer

Recently, attended a Summer Soiree among friends and our Host J provided us a ‘Summery Freshness Experience’ with his newly created cocktails.

Permission was granted to share it on this Blog, appropriate credit is due to the creator.  Thanks for sharing with us, J.

Enjoy your Summer and it is not too late.