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2014 H1B visa

H-1B Visa and the Hiring of Technical Specialty in the Workforce – The Season is Coming Up

Technically savvy professionals are somehow great hires by technology focused organizations in the United States and other countries, regardless of industry. Great Article.


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic Business Practice Leader & Senior Consultant

Every time this season comes, our hiring lenses is focused on Specialty Occupation Employment Visa for individuals who are technology savvy. However, we always wonder who decided in the past about the H-1B-cap; its relevance to the business and technical competency need, along with its return on investments to the petitioning organizations across the United Sates. We know fully well that this employment visa creates an opportunity to professionals with technical competency.

2014 H1B visa

When the month of March arrives many employers across industries will be turning their attention to the H-1B competition. For those that are strategically positioning technical recruits, possible new hires from other technology environment, they are now approaching the preparation of paper works and layers of documentation that will support their petition.

There are thousands of professionals with bachelor degree and advance degree that will be queuing-up…

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Our Founder’s Message to Our Clients, Partners & Friends Internationally

Happy New Year to All, More Power and Successes!


2014 New Year’s Message from Our Founder – Mr. Juntee Terrenal, MA, GMS

The promise of 2014 is abound us and we will convert these into realities that correspond to our long term or short term business and personal goals.  I thank you personally with the level of support, partnerships and acquaintance that you shared to me, my team, and overall to ReloNavigator and JNT Consulting Global Resources during the past year. Through our shared efforts we successfully achieved those endeavors.

The year of 2014, will be an exciting year for everyone’s business, professional and personal journeys. Achieving the best will benefit our clients, family, friends and colleagues. At ReloNavigator, we look forward to a continuing relationship that will propel mutual business advancement.  By working together, the possibilities and results are greater.

2014 New Year


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Resources available for Canadians and others find a home and start a life in America and Whatcom County – Real Estate Radio 12/14/13

This is another useful offering from ReloNavigator and Windermere, professionals like Jay Terrenal and Justin Nelson and Mike Kent are hard to find. Their focus is to help you with a relationship and not lip servicing you like most people.


Mike Kent, Real Estate Guru and Host of Real Estate Radio – 790 KGMI discussed with Jay Terrenal, Founder & Principal of ReloNavigator and Justin Nelson, Realtor Broker of Windermere;  via live radio show many informative and useful available resources, knowledge required prior to relocation or owning a home, and other amenities relating to culture, settling in requirements, adjustments as well as career of spouses; that Canadians and other foreigners can avail  in order to have peace of mind and  effective convenience when seeking to conduct business or planning to relocate into Bellingham, its surrounding cities and or within the Whatcom County. Similarly, equivalent services are  available to those who will be seeking to work or conduct business in Canada from USA or in other countries internationally. Real Estate Radio listeners tuned in from Seattle, Washington up to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

To listen to the entire podcast of…

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Creating Opportunities and Successes Amidst Complexity

Results oriented organization that resolves your issues and challenges.


“In 2014, ReloNavigator brings you opportunities within your failures – accelerate that by calling us” 

2014 creates peaceful settings

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Solving Organizational Needs Internationally with Limited Experience

For many inexperienced HR people, they must learn from this approach if they do not like to look like an ignorant. Oftentimes they are!


By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

[NOTE: This article was Editor’s Choice in Education Section of the Expatriate Executive Daily News, London, United Kingdom, dated September 20, 2013; It was featured as well by the Editor of Nexus Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, dated September 27, 2013]

2014 strategic solutions for intl businesses

Cherrie, the HR Manager of Global Company received a communication from her VP of Administration that three of her recently hired engineers will be sent to three different countries because their technical expertise will be needed in those locations.  James will to go Netherlands, Suzy will go to India and Pattie will go to USA.

While Lucille has been in her job for 2 years now, she never had a chance to deal with any outgoing professionals particularly to these countries.  She asked her co-worker Susan, HR Specialist who has been with the organization over 5 years  if she has any knowledge of doing any of this,. Unfortunately, Susan…

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