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What A Journey, Within Nine Weeks

Wow! is all I can say on this … 420 items of Lord Toby’s HHGs Travelled to 7 countries, 12 ports and within 9 weeks



Britannia Movers International has finally confirmed two days ago that the container of the  Household Goods of Lord Toby and family has arrived and been cleared at Customs in the Port of Grangemouth, Scotland. It will now be readied for its delivery date.

Indeed this was a very fascinating journey of four hundred and twenty items (420 items) that were loaded in a container over two months ago.

Here is the perspective of the voyage;


On December 4th, we will welcome the arrival of the container at the facilities of Doree Bonner International for its seal-removal and owner’s verification of contents. From there, the items will be readied for delivery and handling.

The scheduled deliver to the new Castle of Lord Toby in Kelso, Scotland on the 20th of December. We are looking forward to be reunited with our family’s household items that we enjoy using. We missed their comforts. It…

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Incredible! Indeed an Exciting Moments

Today, it was an incredible feeling to witness the arrival of the container of our Household Goods that was brought to the facilities of Doree Bonner International located at Prestonfields Park, Edinburgh, Scotland. The goods will be readied for delivery at our home location per schedule on December 20 and 21, 2017. The arrival photos […]

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A Beautiful Place on Earth: Kelso, Scotland – Our New Hometown in UK — ScotlandandMe2by

This is an exceptional great looking place on earth. I can move to Scotland and enjoy these amenities of the environment. Great insights and thanks for sharing your experience. More Power and happy living there in KelsoScotland.

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Enjoy the Freshness of Gluten Free Cocktail “Juicy Grannee” During Summer

Recently, attended a Summer Soiree among friends and our Host J provided us a ‘Summery Freshness Experience’ with his newly created cocktails.

Permission was granted to share it on this Blog, appropriate credit is due to the creator.  Thanks for sharing with us, J.

Enjoy your Summer and it is not too late.