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As we are about to enter the Autumn Season, most of us gardeners have been keeping our fingers green for the season. Here is our newly arranged focal point for our Fall Season festivities and gardening. Layering technique makes this beautiful arrangement complement the upcoming season. Had to be mindful to dramatise the complementary colours, […]

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We have been enjoying our English Runner Beans that were planted in the garden during the Spring. Eating fresh vegetables are nutritious especially when paired with either fish, pork, chicken, beef or lamb. This type of beans is very versatile with any cuisine.

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Our Summer Garden has been entertaining us including our visitors, friends and neighbors. It is a joy to see the results of hardworks of gardening earlier on. We are only in the middle of Summer. Can’t wait to see what the Fall Season Garden will look like 🙂

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I love colorful gardens …

Upcycling is something we do without even thinking about it here at I Breathe I DIY. We had this old hanging plant pot out in the shed that wasn’t being used. It ended up in the shed because there’s nothing special about it and it’s black. Black is usually a go-to color for us, but […] […]

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Beautiful garden, indeed!

We have transformed our garden of which we are now enjoying their beautiful combination of colours; created to grace us with various blooms throughout four seasons. Indeed, a fulfilling and enjoyable landscape; that we have created. Yet, other transformations are in progress. For now, the Spring flowers are entertaining us with their magnificence. These flowers […]

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Gardening is always fun and a healthy activity

The weather has been very nice in the last three days after the scattered few days of snow flurries. In the next month, it is projected that the weather will change into a dramatic early Spring that will be warmer. My gardening tools from the garage were out; made sure that my shears were sharp […]

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