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Colder Temperature in Bellingham at 19°F or -7°C

That is cold!


Community Immersion / Pre-decision Tour Impacts Results of Effective Relocation and Costs

One opportunity not to miss. It is always great when you feel comfortable and experience that when you are visiting that place where you will live and work in the near future. Great service for all.

Am I a Foreigner? Hmmm, Really!

When you are or like living in a diverse community, you don’t need to deliberately ask someone ‘whether a foreigner or not’ – i like melting pot communities as different culture enriches the relationships between one another. Communicating with others in various ways also a great way to embrace other cultures by evolving with everyone.

13 ways to save money on things you throw away

Not bad in saving money and re-using things that are worthy.

Cheap, Frugal and Creative

I’m not going to go crazy and suggest that we quit using all things disposable; but we spend quite a bit of money on things we throw away. Here are some things you can easily wash and reuse and save a bundle.

1,  Paper Towels. Use regular kitchen towels, wash them. Use a little bleach to sanitize. If you don’t have enough towels to use this way, swing by your local thrift store for more. Better yet, use old bathroom towels, cut and hem to size. A little FYI on how bleach sanitizes: http://home.howstuffworks.com/bleach2.htm



2. Sponges. See above.

3. Napkins. You can make fabric napkins the size and color you like and use them over and over. Check the linen closet. Did you get some fabric napkins for a wedding present? Bust ’em out! Make your own: http://diy.yourway.net/go-green-or-get-fancy-with-diy-cloth-napkins/


4.Tissues. Remember when all men had a handkerchief in their pockets?…

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