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Something with art and beauty around us!

When walking around in our communities, do you ever notice some things around you that posses their self art and beauty?

What do you think of these? We’d love to hear your views! Thank You in advance.

Ignored objects around us PNG


Tips that Support Expat Spouses & Family Members

A truthful reality on how to keep employees and family become highly engaged at their new home and destination adaptability.


Tips that Support Expat Spouses & Family Members.

Excellent tips  for every employer.

Understanding these and relative areas is very esential for anyone who is managing an expat remotely.

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Tragic Accidents Come Without Warnings – Prayers & Fast Recovery Wishes to All Survivors

People aboard the Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea landing at San Franscisco International Airport in California met a tragic accident, Saturday morning, at approximately 11:20AM, Pacific Standard Time.

At least two people died and majority were injured. It is unfortunate that this happened.  Each of the passengers had great insights, eagerness and high anticipations of reaching their destination whether for personal or business endeavors. However, accident happened as their aircraft was descending for landing at the international airport in San Francisco.

“It was surreal,” Levy told NBC Bay Area on Saturday, shortly after being taken by ambulance from San Francisco International Airport.  “A lot of people screaming and not really believing what has happening to them. I wasn’t believing it either.” – source: NBCNews

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Wishing all the survivors of this tragic accident with special prayers and fast recovery wishes, so that they can continue their journeys whatever it may be.  It will be a very frightening story to hear from each one of them about their experiences .

Am I a Foreigner? Hmmm, Really!

When you are or like living in a diverse community, you don’t need to deliberately ask someone ‘whether a foreigner or not’ – i like melting pot communities as different culture enriches the relationships between one another. Communicating with others in various ways also a great way to embrace other cultures by evolving with everyone.