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Remembrance Day is a ponient day especially this year – the 100 Years Anniversary since the Armistice of World War I.

Red, white, blue, purple and black poppies, white daisies, blue cornflowers, chrysanthemums and forget-me-nots—war remembrance flowers have come in many varieties and almost every colour—including the rainbow, if at least one academic has their way. The United Kingdom and many of the former colonies of the UK, including here in Canada, Australia and the United […]

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Flanders Poppies are pretty and remarkable of what they signify today.

The Flanders Poppies have been giving us their spectacular blooms since the beginning of Summer. They are still going and enjoying the warmth temperature of early Autumn Season; their location enjoys the afternoon sun. During the Spring, it was great finding Flanders Poppies from a Scottish garden centre. The seeds were planted to locations […]

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