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If Tiger swallowtails are a bit scarce in this year’s garden, hummingbirds are not, though typically only one is seen at a time, so taking a count is difficult. A tropical Firecracker plant (Cuphea) in a pot on the deck just outside the kitchen window is a hummingbird magnet, but I often see hummingbirds on […] […]

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It is rainy day and a bit windy as well today. After much consideration of the moments; Lord Toby have decided that it would be best for His Majesty to purr on his daily-favorite chair in his catio gallery. To view more of Lord Toby’s fun activities, please visit the link of His Majesty’s Conversations Page. […]

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Eating Healthy Yellow The illustrated foods below are very cheap to buy and they will keep ones body healthy. You don’t need to be a Millionaire to afford them. So the question remains … why so many people have poor health and dependent on medications under capitalistic incognitos! People often believe that failing eyesight is […]

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This article illustrates some basic food concepts and knowledge that our great grandparents have known for decades – “healthy living with basic food groups“. These were taken for granted by current generations who were influenced greatly by capitalism; and the results are poorer health conditions of many if not most. This is tragic, given high […]

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